Don’t Hide in the shadows…

I’m not for a moment suggesting anything to do with lighting.

Let’s think about your posture and body movements when speaking in public.

If you’re not familiar with “The Shadows”, a guitar group from the 1960s,  I suggest you look them up on Youtube. They have a famous dance, a set of forward, backward and sideways steps. Think about some of the public speakers you’ve seen in the past. Does this look familiar! I see so many nervous speakers doing these same kinds of movements. It can be a very distracting thing for a presenter to do. To stop it takes three things:-

Working on your fears
Learning about correct posture and stance

One I’ve covered here before. Three you have to manage yourself (I can help you manage both of these with coaching of course)

And Two?? Feet apart a medium distance. Stand straight with shoulders back. Move gently, deliberately and slowly from left to right to address the whole audience.

Shift your weight evenly – DON’T SWAY!

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