Voice Coaching

Are you worried about your voice?

Is your day-to-day conversation affected by a lack of clarity, confidence or an impediment?
Perhaps your voice lacks power or clarity; maybe you have a strong regional accent or minor impediment; you might your find yourself running out of breath or your mouth dries up… All these problems can be overcome with the right vocal coaching.

All these issues diminish your confident and hold you back from success when presenting or just in your daily working life.

Voice coach Marc Lemezma

Marc offers voice coaching to help you eliminate your limitations and improve:- 

  • Breath control – leading to power and clarity
  • Posture and stance – improving confidence
  • Pronunciation and enunciation – bringing greater comprehension
  • Pausing and modulation – enhancing memorability

I had a strong accent and a quite voice and was concerned I was confusing those I spoke to. Marc taught me how to increase the power in my voice and still retain my regional character. I now speak confidently and am true to myself and my roots.

Caroline R

High Wycombe

Do you need to improve your public speaking or presentation skills? Marc offers personalised and group coaching to those who need to develop confident and effective speaking for work.

Hypnotherapy and other techniques to help with anxiety, fear, addictions and other life issues, is also available. Please get in touch for more details.

Use the form below to get in touch, or call 01622 671839 to discus how you can become a more powerful communicator.